HPF : High Performance Fabrics by Grafton Everest

Our High-Performance Fabric range comprises of a range of fabrics and leathers, offering added performance benefits and have been developed using specialised technology to offer the ultimate in durability, quality and easy cleaning.

Without compromising texture, style, breathability or softness, the new High-Performance Fabric range boasts minimal shrinkage/ stretching, very high wear resistance and often anti stain and water resistant qualities.

Spills from food and drinks are easily cleaned and even pens and crayons are often erased through a simple action.


A highly durable woven fabric collection that features the LanziTM Water Erase Technology from Italy.With the latest LANZII technology, a protective coat is engineered into each individual yarn fibre during the yarn spinning process. As such, even stains that are deeply burrowed into the fibre can be easily removed by water.

Rios fabrics offer a sophisticated style with beauty, softness, texture and protection from spills. It is also fade resistant and meets and exceeds durability expectations with many remarkable feature i.e. minimal shrinkage or stretching, breathable, air dries quickly, anti-stains and easy erase by water. No soap or brushes are needed when cleaning. Available in a wide variety of colours.


Care and Cleaning

Remove all loose dirt or residue and blot up liquids with a soft, clean towel. Apply sufficient water to the stain and rub with a soft, clean towel. Rub the stain outward to inward to prevent it spreading. Repeat step if necessary and try to absorb the water with the cloth during the process. When the area is dry, use a clean dry cloth and rub the area in a circular motion.


Lafayette is both beautiful and functional and is available in an array of colours and texture that provides consistent performance, without sacrificing softness. Using Italian Micro-Shield technology, a micro-nano layer is applied to the protected fabric which will block all bacteria, odour, stains and moisture.

Lafayette exceeds industry standards on abrasion with a rub test of 120 000 rubs ensuring long-lasting wear.


Helm Greenery and Zebra

An exciting range of woven fabrics created in South Africa for creative South African souls.

This vibrant range of designs all have a protective coating to allow for easy care and maintenance.Greenery and Zebra is treated for repellency to fight off dry soil and nasty, unpredictable spills and splashes, allowing liquids to bead up and roll off.

Care and Cleaning

Liquid spills can easily be wiped away when blotted with a clean cloth. Dry soil can simply be brushed off.


Bugatti is an eco friendlyPolyurethane fabric that has the appearance of leather and is highly durable achieving over 100 000 rub count. It is easy to clean and will not stain.

Care and Cleaning

Simply wipe away ink, coffee and markers with a damp cloth.

Air Leather

Air Leather is a specially formulated leather look fabric that offers the look and feel of high-quality Nappa leathers without the cost. The plush backing of the fabric ensures a soft luxurious upholstery covering which has a micro-perforated surface allowing the fabric to breathe and reduces any perspiration.

Care and Cleaning

Air Leather is easy to clean as it can be wiped with a damp (not wet) cloth. If spills occur, these must NOT be left to soak in and must be fully absorbed with a soft dry cloth. Leaving liquid spills will result in the liquid soaking through the micro-perforations and be absorbed into the luxurious backing.

Performance and cleaning instructions are specific to various fabrics in the range.