Grafton Everest uses both local textile manufacturers in South Africa and textile manufacturers abroad in order to give the consumer the ultimate choice in look and feel. There are two industry standard measurements that are used at Grafton Everest. The first is the Martindale Rub Test. In this particular process, the machine rubs the piece of fabric in one specific spot repeatedly. Only if that fabric passes 15000 rubs will we decide to add that fabric to our range. Anything below that is not included. Secondly, we use the Stretch Test which measures the point of stress where a fabric begins to split after being pulled from opposite directions. Any fabric that does not pass this test, will not be used at Grafton Everest. We at Grafton Everest continue to put our fabrics through rigorous testing to ensure we give our consumers the best possible quality in upholstered furniture.


Only the best selection of leather is used for a Grafton Everest suite.

The leather that is used often falls into two different categories – Corrected Grain or Semi and Full Aniline Leathers.

Corrected Grain Leather is leather that has been corrected through the tannery process to give you a blemish-free look and feel to the raw material. The hides are graded, buffed, pigmented, printed and plated or tumbled to get the desired look and feel.

As this leather type is tanned from the uppermost part of the hide (epidermis), it is strong and durable. With minimal care, it will provide you with many years of comfort and luxury.

Our upholstery standards are high and we pay the utmost attention to detail to get the best and most uniform look.

Our Semi and Full Aniline Exotic Leathers are the most natural. Only the best selection of hides are used with the accent on feel or handle. The soft and supple feel is achieved by treating the hides with special chemicals which plump the hide and accentuate all the natural markings and characteristics.

This leather type is by far the most rewarding for leather enthusiasts as it matures with age and takes on a natural patina that enhances its appearance over time.

The hallmark of aniline leathers is the natural markings, folds and scars which make every hide and ultimate lounge seating manufactured in this top leather category uniquely inviting.


Against life's spills and stains with Intelliclean Fabrics from Grafton Everest.

Every fibre of this super-smart fabric is protected. Each fibre is treated with a special stain-resistant solution that coats it with a concentrated barrier of protection ensuring that the fabric is stain free, while retaining it’s luxurious soft feel.


Not only will your beautiful furniture stay looking new for longer, cleaning it will be a breeze. You can clean up most liquid spills instantly by blotting the fabric with a soft, clean, absorbent towel or cloth.


IntelliClean Fabrics are extremely easy to clean and keep clean for years to come. Spills are easily absorbed using a paper towel. Should you experience a stubborn spill, follow these basic cleaning steps:

– Dab the spill with an absorbent paper towel – Use a damp cloth to remove any excess residue.
– For stubborn marks, mix a weak soap and water solution
– Wipe gently and allow to dry

Key Features

Liquid Resistant (not just water)
Stain resistant
Cleaning made easy
Repels Odours: Liquid is not absorbed so the smell does not linger as with normal fabrics


Intelliclean is cleaning made easy!