Flop Collection

The Grafton Everest Flop Collection will allow you to create your dream living room. If you’re looking for ultimate comfort and laid-back luxury, then our iconic collection will ensure you get to bring home the ultimate lounging experience.


The all new Ultra Flop range focuses on, amongst other things, one specific core value – that of unparalleled comfort.

It’s a range that anyone will fall in love with.   The exceptional comfort it offers is laidback luxury created by the inclusion of multi-layered hyper-soft foam materials. These are characterised by brand new open cell technologies that improve the material’s ventilation and airflow, as well as its stability and long-term durability.


With the potential to make every house into a comfortable home, the Grafton Everest Flop Collection is a new generation of advanced cushioning technology. Sit back, relax, enjoy that cup of tea or take a nap while enjoying the ultimate comfort through our unique Cosy Coil seating system.