Grafton Everest lounge furniture: 5 things you need to know.


If you live in South Africa, chances are you’ve owned, inherited or sat on a Grafton Everest couch. This proudly South African company has been making top-notch lounge furniture for nearly 70 years and has earned a stellar reputation for quality, comfort and style. Below are some interesting facts about SA’s favorite lounge furniture manufacturer:

Established in 1958

Grafton Art Furnishers and Everest Upholstery merged in 1958 to become Grafton Everest. In 1986 the company opened its factory in Canelands, Durban, where production officially started on 15 January of that year. Over the years production facilities have expanded as the company grew. With nearly 7 decades of experience, Grafton Everest is renowned for its quality, comfort, durability, and style.

Leaders in innovative furniture

The company recently introduced its Ultra Flop range which is described as ‘laidback luxury’ created by the inclusion of multi-layered hyper-soft foam materials. Grafton Everest is continuously refining its build and material technology to offer superior comfort, quality and eye-catching designs. All Grafton Everest furniture pieces, materials and upholstery meet the most stringent local and international standards.

Spring time!

Over the years, Grafton Everest has prided itself on the utilisation of an advanced and incredibly strong zigzag-shaped spring system that is used for all its lounge suites.

All springs that Grafton Everest uses for the seats are zigzag in design and double tempered. This means that the springs undergo a baking process in an oven at over 600 degrees celsius, to strengthen the molecular structure of every spring. This also ensures that each spring retains its zigzag shape and structure through the life of the lounge suite. The tempering process is repeated twice for ultimate durability, thereby increasing the support and structure of every Grafton Everest Lounge suite.

Besides being double tempered, the zigzag springs have 3 silent tie wires running across and clipped to each spring. This allows for the whole spring unit to be brought into one complete working system when attached to the solid wooden frame. The spring system used is set to handle the pressures and usability, for industry-leading longevity and comfort.

Detail matters

All Grafton Everest furniture pieces, materials and upholstery meet the most stringent local and international standards. There are two industry-standard measurements that are used at Grafton Everest:

  • The first is the Martindale Rub Test. In this particular process, the machine rubs the piece of fabric in one specific spot repeatedly. Only if that fabric passes 15000 rubs will we decide to add that fabric to our range. Anything below that is not included.
  • Secondly, we use the Stretch Test which measures the point of stress where a fabric begins to split after being pulled from opposite directions. Any fabric that does not pass this test, will not be used at Grafton Everest.

Intelligent cleaning

Grafton Everest offers a range of IntelliClean upholstery options. Created and trademarked by the company, this process means that each fibre is treated with a special stain-resistant solution that coats it with a concentrated barrier of protection ensuring that the fabric is stain-free while retaining its luxurious soft feel.